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Today I want to pay tribute to the fantastic work of my local RSLs, which did a fantastic job commemorating Anzac Day this year. The day started at the Doncaster RSL, which was attended by a large number of people and led by president Charles Collins... more

Warrandyte electorate student leadership and Run Warrandyte

I would like to acknowledge the great work my local schools are doing in nurturing new leaders in our community. I have had the privilege of presenting school leader badges at many of my schools over the past month, and it is always a pleasure to see... more

Portfolio News

Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

I rise to speak on the Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2018. This bill has been discussed for some time outside of this chamber, and I appreciate the discussions that I have had with the government over the last six months in order to have the b... more

Audit Amendment Bill 2017

I rise to speak for the coalition on the Audit Amendment Bill 2017. This bill is one that, contrary to what the member for Broadmeadows said earlier in his contribution about it being a commitment to the previous Auditor-General by this government, i... more

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