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Roads and Infrastructure

Budget papers 2017-18

10 August, 2017

It seems a little bizarre to be here in August talking about the budget. I think it is fair to say, and I think the house would agree, that we are probably the only ones still talking about this budget. It faded into obscurity pretty quickly after it was first released, despite the deluge of press releases that came as a result of it. Most Victorians would not really have seen any impact from the ...  Read More

Sky Rail

8 August, 2017

Today I want to bring the attention of the house to this wasteful Labor government's spend of over $20 million on advertising and propaganda, which is being used in a vain attempt to convince residents that the flawed sky rail project is actually a good thing. I remind the house that residents on the Frankston and Pakenham lines were deceived by the Andrews Labor government. The sky rail project i...  Read More

Bayside bay trail

9 May, 2017

My contribution to the adjournment debate is directed to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety and concerns the stalled plans to build a trail along Beach Road from Mentone to Mordialloc Creek. My specific request of the minister is that he makes his position clear on this matter, stating whether he supports the majority of residents who were consulted on this issue many months ago and who settle...  Read More

Tomcar Australia

10 March, 2017

My contribution to theadjournment debate is for the attention of the Minister for Roads and RoadSafety. My request of the minister is for him to make a statement one way orthe other as to whether he will classify the vehicle manufactured by Tomcar Australiaso that it may be driven on our state's roads. With the closing of major brand car manufacture and assemblyacross Victoria, Tomcar will sta...  Read More

Road Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2016

10 November, 2016

I rise to lead the debate for the opposition on the Road Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2016, and I would just like to say from the outset that my position is that the government should withdraw this bill immediately and split it. The provisions that are outlined in part 3, division 3, are important enough to stand alone. I believe that the tragic circumstances surrounding Andrea Leh...  Read More

Transport Integration Amendment (Head, Transport for Victoria and Other Governance Reforms) Bill 2016

8 November, 2016

I rise to add to the debate on the Transport Integration Amendment (Head, Transport for Victoria and Other Governance Reforms) Bill 2016. It is fair to say that this is a very important bill to debate in this place, because it sums up, on so many levels, what this government is actually about and the way that the Labor government actually operates. This is not a government that is concerned with r...  Read More

Victorian Roads Budget

28 April, 2016

Melbourne motorists will continue to be stuck in gridlock traffic despite the Daniel Andrews’ increasing taxes by 20.7% since the election. Daniel Andrews’ budget shows that state taxes have jumped by $3.7 billion or 20.7% in just two years.  But despite this record tax increase, the budget provided nothing to make any meaningful improvement to Melbourne’s c...  Read More
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