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Tomcar Australia

10 March, 2017

My contribution to theadjournment debate is for the attention of the Minister for Roads and RoadSafety.
My request of the minister is for him to make a statement one way orthe other as to whether he will classify the vehicle manufactured by Tomcar Australiaso that it may be driven on our state's roads.

With the closing of major brand car manufacture and assemblyacross Victoria, Tomcar will stand as one of Australia's only local vehiclemanufacturers. Their all-terrain vehicle has prompted rave reviews from allthose who have seen it and has been taken up for use by the mining andagricultural sector as well as the military from a variety of jurisdictions athome and abroad. In addition, Tomcar's new electric vehicle stands as Australia'sfirst-production electric car and has opened up a whole new world ofopportunities for this innovative manufacturer. A wide range of politiciansover the years have seen the vehicle's range of capabilities demonstrated andhave been struck by the passion of its producers. This family-owned businessepitomises the can-do spirit of Victoria, a spirit that needs to be assisted sothat they and their product can reach their full potential.

At present the vehicle stands outside of VicRoads criteriafor classification. Because of this bureaucratic red tape, the vehicle cannotbe driven on Victoria's roads. The removal of this small hurdle will open upTomcar's vehicle to a broader market: farmers whose properties do not abut willbe able to move the vehicle between those properties, country vehicle ownerswill be able to make the short drive to their local town and the mining sectorwill be able to use the vehicle with far greater flexibility.

Staff from the minister's office have met with Tomcar. Theywere presented with a demonstration of the vehicle and the details of thebarriers were explained in detail. My understanding is that the family was veryappreciative of the visit and of the discussion that took place. It has beensome months since that visit, however, and the family is no closer to knowingwhether there is a commitment to classification of their vehicle or not. So, onbehalf of these amazing innovators and in the spirit of wanting to promotethese contributions to Victoria's manufacturing community, I ask: will theminister confirm whether or not a classification for Tomcar's vehicle will befinalised?
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