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Evans Road, Lynbrook

12 November, 2015

Communities right across the state are learning that the Andrews Labor government has no interest in tackling Victoria's growing list of road and traffic problems. Last week I met with Casey councillors Amanda Stapledon and Damien Rosario, along with about 50 Casey residents, to look at the ridiculous situation that is Evans Road in Lynbrook. Evans Road has been closed to through traffic for...  Read More

Hastings electorate roads

11 November, 2015

My request is directed to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and it regards upgrades that are required at Golf Links Road and Grant Road in the Hastings electorate, as well as the roundabout at Baxter-Tooradin Road. In 2010 the Inghams factory at Somerville was destroyed by fire. Inghams is a significant employer in the area, and as such the former Brumby government, along with Frankston Cit...  Read More

Adoption Amendment (Adoption by Same-Sex Couples) Bill 2015

22 October, 2015

It gives me pleasure to rise to speak on the Adoption Amendment (Adoption by Same-Sex Couples) Bill 2015 and in support of the member for Euroa's proposed amendment. At the outset I say that despite the rough and tumble of Parliament, when we debate issues like this, certainly in the time that I have been here, it has always been a very respectful place. It is a credit to the Victorian Parliament ...  Read More

North Warrandyte Fire Levy

22 October, 2015

Who can forget the Premier's solemn promise to Victorians on 28 November 2014. When asked by Peter Mitchell of Channel 7 news, 'Do you promise Victorians here tonight that you will not increase taxes or introduce any new taxes?', the Premier answered, 'I make that promise, Peter, to every single Victorian'. Victorians in my electorate know just how little the Premier's promises are wort...  Read More

National Parks Amendment (No 99 Year Leases) Bill 2015

8 October, 2015

It is a pleasure to rise to speak on the National Parks Amendment (No 99 Year Leases) Bill 2015. I will say at the outset that this is a piece of legislation not a press release. To have the ridiculous words in brackets 'No 99 Year Leases' just shows how ideologically driven this government is. It is a piece of legislation, for goodness sake! It is not a press release. Having said that, it is alw...  Read More

Methamphetamine control

7 October, 2015

The drug ice is a scourge of modern society. Its effect on our communities is wide ranging, with negative impacts not just on users but also on the families and friends of those who have become addicted to this insidious drug. Governments across Australia have all acknowledged the dangers of this drug and the lives that it ruins every day. The Victorian government launched its Ice Action Plan ear...  Read More

Heavy Vehicles Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

3 September, 2015

I rise to speak on the Heavy Vehicles Legislation Amendment Bill 2015. I say at the outset that the opposition will be supporting this bill. I note that it is the very first bill that the Minister for Roads and Road Safety has brought into this Parliament, and the initiative dealt with in the bill that was led not by him but by those in other jurisdictions around this country. The bill is being br...  Read More

Warrandyte electorate schools

1 September, 2015

I rise to condemn the Minister for Education for his lack of attention to schools in the Warrandyte electorate. Under the Bracks and Brumby governments schools in my electorate were largely neglected, with few receiving any substantial funding for redevelopment or upgrades. This was addressed during the term of the coalition government, with four schools in my area receiving much-needed funding to...  Read More

Road Trauma Support Services Victoria

1 September, 2015

My contribution to the adjournment debate is directed to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. My request to the minister is that he meets with Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV) to discuss the need for the services of this fantastic organisation to be offered in selected locations in regional Victoria. I know the minister is familiar with RTSSV and was a strong supporter of its Shine...  Read More

Resources Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

20 August, 2015

 I rise to join the debate on the Resources Legislation Amendment Bill 2015. I have been quite impressed with the considered and measured contributions that have been made. I am not often compelled to commend those opposite, but I think the member for Frankston and the member for Mordialloc have made very considered contributions to the debate. I say also that they were in contrast to the con...  Read More

Matter of Public Importance – Infrastructure Funding

5 August, 2015

I join the debate on this matter of public importance. I thank the member for Werribee for bringing this matter to the house because it shows that there is a need for a discussion around this issue. There is a need for a debate; there is a need for these different points of view to come up and be put on the table. I think it is very sensible that this MPI was brought in. Some of the contributions ...  Read More

Warrandyte Primary School

4 August, 2015

My adjournment matter is directed to the Minister for Education, and my request is that he separately fund the removal of asbestos at Warrandyte Primary School. The government clearly has a policy around removing asbestos from our schools. There is apparently a program to do so. I think broadly speaking we support the program, but we question the funding arrangements. The funding arrangements have...  Read More

Infrastructure Victoria Bill

4 August, 2015

I rise to join the debate on the Infrastructure Victoria Bill 2015. At the outset we should probably go for a little trip down memory lane to talk about what the government is actually putting Infrastructure Victoria together for. The Minister for Roads and Road Safety in his most recent Public Accounts and Estimates Committee appearance said: We will allow Infrastructure Victoria to put together...  Read More

Port of Melbourne Bill

24 June, 2015

I rise to speak on the Delivering Victorian Infrastructure (Port of Melbourne Lease Transaction) Bill 2015, although it could just as easily be called the Short-changing Melbourne's Future Bill. The Dudding Geelong Bill would also be a good name for this bill. This bill highlights the deceit of the Andrews Labor government, which went to the election saying one thing but following that election ha...  Read More

Debate on the Budget

23 June, 2015

It is interesting to come in at the tail end of the debate on the budget because I have heard a lot of rhetoric, particularly from those opposite, who are spending a lot of time talking about the previous government's budget and commitments. I am hearing that the previous government did not care, but the fact of the matter is that budgets are not about caring. Everyone in this chamber cares about ...  Read More
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