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Update on Warrandyte Bridge

Update on Warrandyte Bridge
15 February, 2016

With community concerns growing over the past 18 months about the traffic problems we are experiencing in Warrandyte each day, I want to update you on the work that has been done so far and what we can do to progress this issue.

In 2014, when the Warrandyte Electorate boundaries were first changed to include the bridge and the North Warrandyte community, I invited the Emergency Management Commissioner, Craig Lapsley, to inspect the bridge with me. This resulted in the allocation by the former Liberal Government of funds to investigate options to relieve the congestion.

With the election of the Labor Government in November 2014, this funding was cancelled and work stalled. After several months of raising the matter through a number of channels, this funding was finally restored.

Since then VicRoads investigated, then presented four basic options at a community meeting last November, telling residents that they would have the opportunity to give feedback on these options in the following three months. This has not happened. Again, I have pushed for this commitment to be delivered, with little response.

Just last week I raised the matter again in Parliament, directing the following to the Minister for Roads –


Mr R. SMITH (Warrandyte) — I rise today in regard to the Warrandyte Bridge and the ongoing delay and obfuscation from the Minister in providing my community with a satisfactory outcome in relation to traffic congestion and fire safety.

While the Minister was finally pushed, kicking and screaming, into reallocating the funding the previous coalition government had set aside for work to be done to provide options for the traffic problems in Warrandyte, he has not provided Warrandyte residents the opportunity for input, nor has any funding been allocated for a solution to be implemented.

VicRoads spoke at a community forum last November, saying that the timeline for community feedback would be between November and February this year. There has, so far, been no opportunity for that to occur.

The Andrews government has in its possession advice from the Emergency Management Commissioner which states, and I quote:

“Traffic management in and around Warrandyte is problematic, with potentially critical implications during bushfire emergencies.”

If these critical implications are realised and the Minister is seen to have sat on his hands then the consequences will be severe.

Fed-up residents have now formed the Fix the Warrandyte Bottleneck group and are demanding that the Minister takes action.

I ask the Minister to provide my community with the opportunity to work with VicRoads to settle on a solution that is the right one for Warrandyte and give them certainty by committing to funding that solution.


To date, I have written several times to the Minister for Roads, the CEO of VicRoads and the Emergency Management Commissioner to highlight the congestion and safety concerns of the Warrandyte community.

I have raised the matter directly to the Minister in Parliament and have put pressure on the Government through several media stories in both the Warrandyte Diary and the Manningham Leader.

While I will continue to put pressure on the Government to move this issue forward, I need your help to show the Minister how important this is to our community. Please write to him at –

Luke Donnellan

Minister for Roads & Road Safety

Level 22
1 Spring Street
Victoria, 3000

Alternatively, you can email him at -

Please cc me into your correspondence so I can follow up on your behalf.

If you would like copies of the letters I have exchanged with the government, as well as the range of media articles, please let me know and I will email you a file.

Finally, I am always happy to discuss this, or any other issue, with residents. If you would like a meeting please contact my office and we can arrange a suitable time.



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