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27 October, 2016

Today I rise to highlight the inadequacy of the Labor government's recent announcement of funding for schools in the Warrandyte electorate. Any funding is of course welcome, and there is no question that the school communities across the 10 schools that are listed to receive funding are pleased to have received something. What is disappointing is the minister's obvious lack of knowledge or care about the real needs of a number of these schools. What is disappointing is that the whole electorate of Warrandyte has received a total of $1 million across 10 schools — a fraction of what the coalition committed to just a few of these schools when we were in government.

Donvale Primary School is set to receive $77 000. The coalition committed $1.5 million to that school. Warrandyte High School will receive $258 000, whereas we promised $4 million. Wonga Park Primary School will be getting $119 000, but we promised $1 million. My point is that this government can barely match the funding that we promised for one school: they have spread 1 school's funding over 10. Beverly Hills Primary School is to receive $41 000, and East Doncaster Secondary College is to receive $47 000. Having approximately 1500 students, that is about $31 per student. This round of funding is nothing but a bandaid fix for some of my local schools, and this lack of attention is sadly what is becoming all too common from a Labor government which claimed it would make Victoria the education state.

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